Microsoft Released Avatar Kinect For Xbox 360 Users

Microsoft Avatar KinectMicrosoft released a new application Avatar Kinect for the Xbox 360 users that let the users to communicate with each other using their avatars with the help of Kinect’s motion sensors. This technology allows you to project your face and expressions into a virtual model using the advanced facial-recognitions programs. To use this service you have to buy $150 Kinect motion camera accessory.

You can chat with your 7 friends in the Avatar kinect’s casual chat room in one of 24 virtual screens that allow you to transfer your emotions and movements very accurately to your other friends through the screen. You can also set up virtual events apart of the video conferencing that can be broadcast anywhere in the world to hang out with your friends.

Microsoft made Avatar Kinect free to use for the Xbox Gold members, but other Xbox users can also enjoy this service totally free for the next 45 days to experience this new application.

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