“Boot to Gecko” Will Be Mozilla’s New Mobile OS

Mozilla Mobile OSMozilla best known for Firefox browser is working on a new mobile operating system that will be known as Boot to Gecko. The main reason behind Boot to Gecko or B2G project is to compete the Google’s Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system.

According to the developer team the new mobile OS will be based on the core Android kernel and device drivers.

Boot to Gecko will be completely open source and used to develop the HTML5 applications, the best thing about this platform is that all the applications will work same like native apps to encourage the developers. These features make the B2G similar to Chrome OS, but the only difference is that Chrome OS is limited to notebooks while B2G will serve mobile devices as well.

Apart of the Android kernel B2G also includes their own APIs that support the functions like phone calls, SMS, camera, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity.

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One Response to "“Boot to Gecko” Will Be Mozilla’s New Mobile OS"

  1. Adoption of html5 is front and center at Google and Boot to Gecko is right there.
    Firefox rocks on mobile. I use FF for everything and Chrome will just have to wait

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