SAP Partnership With Google Allows Data Mapping on Google Maps

SAP Google MapsSAP is planning to start partnership with Google by connecting their business analytics software with Google’s Maps and Earth software that allow the customers to manage and plot their business data around the world. This will be achieved by representing the data into visualize information on the Google Maps that will allow the customers to analyze up-to-date information.

With the use of “Location-based intelligence” customers will be able to analyze their data in different scenarios using customize settings to help them in increasing their performance and profits.

Following are the applications of this project:

  • A telecom operator will be able to use Google Earth and SAP BusinessObjects Explorer software to perform dropped-call analysis and pinpoint the geo-coordinates of faulty towers.
  • A state department of revenue will be able to overlay household tax information on a map of the state and group it at the county level to track the highest and lowest tax bases.
  • A mortgage bank will be able to perform risk assessment of its mortgage portfolio by overlaying foreclosure and default data with the location of loans on Google Maps.
  • With SAP StreamWork, a team of customer support representatives in a consumer packaged goods company will be able to collaborate and pinpoint the location of consumer complaints within specific geographies and make a decision regarding how to address and prioritize resolution.
  • A theme park operator will be able to use the Google Maps API Premier and get real-time traffic information on attractions with SAP® BusinessObjects solutions to send rerouting messages to customers in order to improve satisfaction rates.
  • U.S.census data can be overlaid on a Google map of the country, grouped by state and drilled down on at the county level.
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