Microsoft’s First Windows ‘Mango’ Phone Release in Tokyo

Windows 'Mango' Phone This Wednesday the first smartphone which is based on the new “Mango” edition of Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform has been unveiled in Tokyo.

The handset is happen to be the first of a number of handsets which were set to be launched in next few months that Microsoft expects will indicate its come back to the smartphone segment as a serious player.

As we remember last year the same time this company was expecting the first version of the Windows Phone 7 would carry out the same thing. But that never happened.

In spite of getting thousands of applications and overall positive reviews, the latest platform, which substituted Windows Mobile, was demoted to the sidelines by the launch of numerous new Android devices as well as updates to Apple’s iPhone.

Instead of raising its market share, the launch of the new operating system caused Microsoft to lose its market share.

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