Facebook Advert Shows Users How To Disable Facial Recognition

Earlier this year users have been showing their preference to the “Tag Suggestions” feature. This feature comes equipped with facial recognition technology that helps to identify people in photographs which are posted on Facebook. Besides that users can also suggest to their friends to “tag” them to make them are easier to find.

The move provoked anxiety that photographs could be spread more widely than deliberated and it raises criticism that Facebook was violating the online privacy of its users by stealth. Privacy campaigners used to say that users should have been given an option as to whether to participate.

Facebook officially agreed upon this by saying they should have been more clear about the system and is now promoting adverts on every user profile that “help people to learn about the feature and how they can control it”.

Facebook claims the ads have been displayed over 2.7 billion times, and it invites users to change their privacy settings.

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