Average Purchase Price of iOS and Android Freemium Games Is $14

Flurry Analytics According to a study of Flurry Analytics – mobile analytics firm, $14 is the average purchase price of iOS and Android freemium games, and most of these purchases include buying of in-game currency within free-to-play games. The number of in-app purchase transactions is 51%, these transactions came from $20 or more, which is 13% of the total number of the instructions.

“We were surprised the numbers were so high,” said Peter Farago – vice president of marketing at Flurry. “Clearly, the high end of the spending drives the average up.”

In-app purchases were introduced in 2009 by Apple for the iPhone, these games are available as a freeware, but you have to pay real money in order to buy virtual goods and to unlock further levels.

This study also reveals that 71% of the transactions are in the lower $0.99 to $10, 13% of the purchases are greater than $20, and only 5% of these transactions cross the mark of $50.

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