Nintendo Drops 3DS Price To 40% For US And Japan

Nintendo 3DSWe have a piece of  good news for game lovers, Nintendo announced a 40% price drop for the 3DS in Japan. The original price of the Nintendo 3DS is 25,000 Yen, but from August 11 you can buy 3DS in 15,000 Yen, which results in the savings of 10,000 Yen.

At start this price drop was only initiated for Japan, but later on Nintendo announced that dropped price devices will also hit the US markets on August 12 with a new price of $169.99.

According to the Nintendo, the reason of price drop is to speed up the selling of 3DS. Nintendo this step clearly shows that the sells of 3DS is not up to the expected level of the company, therefore in order to balance the profit bar with expenditures, Nintendo selling the 3DS with such a low price.

So if you are looking to buy a 3DS just wait for at most two weeks to save $80 for yourself.

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