Motorola’s Photon 4G To Be Coming Next Week

Photon 4G Motorola brings Fast, big and lightweight handset called the Photon 4G which is the latest powerhouse smartphone by this maker. With the launch of this newest device Motorola will debut another trend of powerful handsets this year. Before the phone is officially out in the market next week we had some hands-on experience with the phone.

When we first picked up device it felt a bit strange. With its 4.3-inch wide screen and significantly large physical dimensions (2.63 by 4.99 by .48 inches), we thought the handset would be quite heavy, but strangely it wasn’t. At least, not that much as its appearance suggests.

The Photon 4G weighs 5.57 ounces, and it feels more similar to its titular particle than anything else. It happens thanks to the plastic construction that is used to make the phone’s body, finished with a little matted rubberized back panel to facilitate a comfortable grip.

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