Study Revealed That Internet Explorer Users Are Dumb

Internet ExplorerA new study suggest that Internet Explorer users are dumb as Microsoft’s web browser ranks at the very bottom of the chart created on the basis of user IQ level, while the Opera users are smarter.

This survey was conducted by the AptiQuant – a Vancouver-based online psychometric testing company in which 100,000 participants give the answers of a standard IQ test to determine the IQ level of the various web browser users.

Study indicates that users of Internet Explorer (IE6 – IE9) have lowest average IQ scores than any other web browser users. Chrome, Firefox and Safari are sharing the same IQ scores while the Opera users are on the top of the list with more than 120 IQ score.

Following are the IQ scores:

  • IE 6.0, 7.0 users: low 80s
  • IE 8.0, 9.0 users: between 80 and 100
  • Firefox, Chrome, Safari: 100 to 120
  • IE with Chrome Frame, Camino, Opera: over 120
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