Apple Refunds Excess Charges To Mac OS X Lion Customers

Mac OS XApple apologizes to its customers as company charged multiple times on the purchase of a single copy of Mac OS X Lion. The most prominent example of this error is John Christman who bought OS X Lion using PayPal on July 23 in a price of $3,878.40, which is 121 times more than the normal price. Apple and PayPal both are blaming each other on this blunder. Well John Christman is not a single customer faced this problem, many other users also reporting this error from Apple.

In response, Apple apologized its mistake through an email sent by the company on Saturday to the customers who were overcharged. “We are contacting you with regard to your pay service account, which due to an error was charged multiple times,” reads the email sent to customers. “We have identified and refunded the charges to the payment source. The funds should be available within 3-5 business days. We are sorry for any inconvenience this situation may have caused you.”

I must say that this rubbish mistake really pokes fun on the Apple/ To overcome these types of errors in the future, company developers really need to sort their mistakes.

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