Apple Got Ownership Of The Domain ipods.com

ipods.comThe World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on Friday gives its decision over the complaint filled by Apple about the domain ipods.com. DavidCairns- WIPO panelist issued the decision that the domain be transferred to the iPod maker.

Apple launched the iPod in 2001 that was one of the successful devices of its time, after six months of the release date someone registered the domain ipods.com and redirected it to his/her MP3 site. In May 2010, Apple decided to make a complaint against the owner of the domain in WIPO, to get the domain that contains the company’s product name.

This might be good news for the Apple, but looks odd too as Apple don’t try to acquire ipad.com. According to compete.com stats, ipods.com receives only 80 unique visitors per month from last year while the numbers of unique visitors in a month for ipad.com is 38,000.

Earlier this year we also heard a rumor that Apple may give $4.5 million to the Swedish company in order to acquire icloud.com.

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