AT&T And T-Mobile Merger To Ensure Heavy Network Capacity For U.S Customers

t-mobileThis Friday AT&T announced that from Oct. 1 it will bring its unlimited data plan for the heavy users. AT&T officially stated that they are taking initiatives to manage huge demand for mobile data. The definitive solution to the network capacity crunch, though, is “nothing short of completing the T-Mobile merger.”

From the very first day, AT&T has publicized more network capacity in addition to more coverage for the U.S. as a major cause to support its projected merger with T-Mobile.

According to the company’s officials the planned amalgamation of AT&T and T-Mobile is the fastest and most realistic approach to handle the challenge of escalating demand and improving network quality for customers which look forward to network traffic to increase eight to 10 times in the next five years.

AT&T declared T-Mobile has got highly compatible technologies, along with complementary spectrum assets, as well as well-matched cell site locations.

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