Samsung Electronics Acquires MRAM Maker Grandis

Samsung GrandisOn Tuesday, Samsung Electronics announced that it has acquired Grandis, but the company does not disclose any details about the deal. Grandis is a maker of Magnetic Random Access Memory (MRAM) technology known as Spin Transfer Torque (STT-RAM).

According to its website, Grandis founded in the 2002 and “holds a unique, broad patent portfolio in STT-RAM, including key fundamental and practical implementation patents, and licenses its IP to technology companies that design, develop and manufacture a variety of products incorporating stand-alone and embedded STT-RAM memory.”

The new company will merge in the existing research and development branch of Samsung Electronics to continue its work on memory semi-conductor technology. The Grandis’ non-volatile technology is considered a less power and higher performance replacement of DRAM and NAND flash memory.

The purchase of the Grandis really helps the Samsung to continue the development of its cutting-edge semi-conductor technologies. It also boosts its patent portfolio as a part of its ongoing legal war with Apple.

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