HP Slashes TouchPad Price To Boost Sales

We are already informed that Android tablets sales are not much impressive in last few months. Though nearly 450,000 Motorola’s Xoom tablet has been shipped but not sold to customers, while Samsung seems to be so embarrassed that it has stopped revealing its tablet sales numbers altogether.

The HP TouchPad as well as other Android-powered tablets are hardly making an impression in the stellar sales of the Apple iPad. The sales figures are so bad that iPad rivals have started to cut the prices of their devices, for example HP is now offering a $50 “instant rebate” on its TouchPad tablet.

HP is currently selling both versions of the TouchPad for $50 less, which are priced at $450 for the 16GB model, as well as at $550 for the 32GB variant until September. The price cut takes place after some mixed reviews to HP’s first WebOS tablet, which was met with uncertainty from reviewers because of buggy software as well as hardware resembling last year’s (chunkier) iPad.

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