Microsoft Introduced .NET Gadgeteer, A New Electronic Prototyping Platform

Microsoft's .NET GadgeteerMicrosoft introduced a new open source platform known as .NET Gadgeteer that looks very similar to the Arduino. .NET Gadgeteer based on a .NET Micro Framework, it contains a lot of hardware modules that are connected via object-oriented software.

Using the .NET Gadgeteer, users will be able to write code in the .NET framework and Visual C# Express to make small electronic devices and prototypes using modular hardware. Basically .NET Gadgeteer is derived from .NET and C#, but on the other hand it is open source too.

The Arduino is one the best open source electronic prototyping platform available and mostly users preferred it because of its easy language. However, there are many other options are available too that offered the same functionalities, but most are still unknown.

There are many kits are available for the .NET Gadgeteer, FEZ Spider starter kit is one of them that includes a 3.5-inch touchscreen, camera, USB module, joystick controller, LED lights, buttons, and ports for SD cards and Ethernet cables. The cost of the FEZ Spider starter kit is $250.

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