iPhone 5 And “Simplified iPhone 4″ To Be Launched In China This October

iphone 4s leakApple’s iPhone 5 could be offered with China Telecom by the end of October. A local newspaper reported that a “preliminary agreement” has been signed between the Cupertino based company and the carrier for not one but two new handsets. Analyst Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities, says, this deal is “imminent” to provide China Telecom with both the fifth-gen iPhone as well as a “simplified iPhone 4″ that would aim the more affordable end of the market.

Till now we have been unable to reveal the specifications of the simplified handset, though according to the Chinese media, this one would be a “more economical version” of the existing iPhone 4. That would match with the earlier leaks and rumors about an iPhone 4S, certainly; As per the leaked images spotted last month it was apparent that the device was made of plastic encasing. Various sources signaled that Apple is planning to broaden its range so as not to eliminate those who can’t necessarily pay for the latest and greatest iPhone.

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