New Rambo Game To be Released Next Year

After 30 long years since Sylvester Stallone’s first introduction to movie audiences, UK-based video game publisher Reef Entertainment is planning to plans to develop a new Rambo game based pn the one-man army named John Rambo. The new Rambo game is going to hit shelves next year.

According to MCV, Reef has secured the rights to develop multiple titles based on the Rambo character and films. He also said,

“Rambo will be a triple-A title on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC and will capture the gritty atmosphere and full-on action which made the Rambo movies so successful,” said Reef commercial director Craig Lewis. “We have big ambitions for Reef and the Rambo IP is the first step in establishing us as a worldwide player.”

Mainly known for its Wii ports of Rogue Trooper and Sniper Elite, Reef isn’t precisely a household name among gamers, but the company is expecting to change all of that by launching the gun-friendly First Blood antihero back to the game market.

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