Google TV’s Android Honeycomb Beta Leaked

Google TV AndroidWe have good news for owners of the Logitech Revue that long-awaited Android Honeycomb update for Google TV is leaked and it is available for the download as well. The leaked Beta version is shared by one of the members of GTVHacker forums.

Well this is quite interesting to me that Honeycomb has the ability to run the TV as well, in addition it does not require your device to be rooted to flash this on to your device. However, as this update is a Beta version so users might face some bugs, as Netflix that is one of the major app is missing, in addition the interface isn’t user-friendly at all. The good thing about new update is that it has an improved Media Player, which will really help the users to enjoy the broadcasts in a good quality.

You can install this update after by transferring the downloaded update into USB thumb drive.

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