10-Year-Old Girl Hacker Exposes Zero-Day Exploit In iOS And Android Games

CyFi HackerA 10-year-oldCaliforniagirl CyFi (nick name) has found a zero-day exploit in number of iOS and Android games, independent researchers also confirmed it as a new class of vulnerability. CyFi told that she loved to play farm-style games, but mostly of these games are so time-consuming and boring, as users have to wait for very longer period of time to harvest the grown crops and re-grow the crops to get the points, so to get revenge of her frustration she discovered a new flaw to get the most out of the games without any waiting.

CyFi told that most of the farm-style games are time-dependent. Therefore, by changing the time on her device, she reduced the waiting time and got instant crop growth. However, she told that some time-dependent games block that flaw using different tricks, but she also found some other ways to overcome these tricks by using different methods, either by disconnecting the phone’s Wi-Fi or only increasing the time in small increments repeatedly.

The further details about this vulnerability will be revealed at DefCon Kids conference this weekend.

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2 Responses to "10-Year-Old Girl Hacker Exposes Zero-Day Exploit In iOS And Android Games"

  1. Anthony John says:

    Golden Rule of Security: Never trust the client.

    If developers are using the client clock as trusted input then they are opening their application to manipulation. Obviously compensation needs to be made for offline play (disabling wireless for example) but once connection is re-established it should sync and validate a journal of offline activity and use that to update the server state of the player’s game. Blindly trusting the client is a great way to get hacked.

  2. Hell Hound says:

    To be fair, I’d hardly call her a hacker.

    She stumbled on a cheat for a handful of games, something we all knew about for years and she’s news?!?

    I figured out that having a piss in your tumble dryer is a really bad idea, can i haz own article?

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