Lion Recovery Disk Assistant Is Now Available For Mac OS X Users

Lion Recovery Disk AssistantApple released Lion Recovery Disk Assistant tool that allows the Lion users to make their own restore tools. Using this software, users will be able to create recovery partitions on a USB flash drive or external hard drive. The resulting partition will work same like a built-in Lion Recovery that is needed to reinstall Lion, disk repairing using Disk Utility, web browsing through Safari, or restore from a Time Machine backup.

To create an external Lion Recovery, users need an external drive with a free space of at least 1GB in order to download Lion Recovery Disk Assistant. The creation of new partition might erase all of your data. Therefore, users need to back-up their data for the safety purpose.

The newly created partition will only be accessed by rebooting the Mac while holding the Option key for a while, as users will be unable to see it in the Finder or Disk Utility on Mac OS X.

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