Nintendo 3DS Price Slashed Offering 20 Free Games

A few Target and Walmart locations have slashed the price of the Nintendo 3DS before time, offering consumers a grand opportunity to buy the console for $80 less and grab 20 free games that Nintendo presented to early adopters who paid full price.

The deal seems to be so lucrative that customers became a little confused and therefore needed to confirm whether it was real. After verifying from the games counter at the local Target this morning, we came to know that 3DS was really available at $169.99. Target’s official corporate channel confirmed the reporters the $80 price drop was still taking place on Aug. 12, but it seems that some stores are not following that line. Nintendo declared it would lower the price of the 3DS from $249.99 to $169.99 in later half of July after poor sales. The company, along with Sony, is facing a severe trouble in the handheld gaming industry from smartphone games, and many of them only cost 99 cents. Even iPhone or Android games that charge $5 or $10 are much easier to purchase on whim than a $30 to $40 title on the 3DS.

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