Windows Phone 7 Mango Final Build Now Available

Windows Phone 7 Mango BuildThere is good news for the phone hackers particularly for the WP7 lovers, as stock version of the RTM (release to manufacturing) build of Windows Phone 7 Mango has been leaked. The build 7720 is not the Microsoft’s official release, so we may miss some of the important features for some of the specific devices.

Windows Phone 7 Mango Build leaked update facilitates new mobile version of Internet Explorer 9 to support HTML5 and hardware-accelerated graphics. This unofficial update also allows the users an easy way to perform hyper-local searches on the Bing, in addition playing music identification is also featured in this update.

The build 7720 is compatible with the following devices: HTC HD7, HTC 7 Mozart, HTC 7 Trophy, Samsung Focus, HTC Arrive, Dell Venue Pro and the LG Optimus 7.

Installation procedure, other information, and a download link of the leaked version are available on the XDA Developers Forums.

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