Lokpal Messenger For Mobiles – Fight Against Corruption In India

Lokpal Messenger – A Mobile App developed by Two Students of Sastra University, helps you to keep track of all the latest news and events related to Lokpal. It will help the people in staying aware and remain active in India’s fight against corruption. This app allows people to participate in the war against corruption, headed by Anna Hazare!

Lokpal Messenger

Features Of The Lokpal Messenger App:

News: All the latest news regarding Lokpal are displayed in a list.

Blogs: Various blogs from popular political blogs are shown.

Events: All the latest events conducted by IAC are shown.

Connect With IAC in the following ways:

  1. Support through missed call.
  2. Register for email updates
  3. Interactive Voice Response

About: Information about Anna Hazaare and a few common queries are answered in this section.

Invite: You can suggest this application to your friends whomever you choose,through SMS.

Developed by:
R.Venkatramanan, Sastra University
R.R.Arun Balaji, Sastra University


Download The Lokpal Messenger App: [download id=”1″]

Update: The App works on Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Micromax and LG Phones!

Stay Connected.Remain aware.Fight now,as the future of India lies only in our hands!!! Happy Independence Day to Indians!

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4 Responses to "Lokpal Messenger For Mobiles – Fight Against Corruption In India"

  1. Mahesh says:

    Now Arrest Anna Hazare And Congress Prove That Congress Is The Corrupter Party In The World….Manmohan Is The AFRAID Prime Minister Of The World…

  2. dishank says:

    just keep your faith and support to Anna as this is the time which can make change in India..our future…dont let your spirit high for this…..just reconcile when you got angry on this system……do it for yourself…….

  3. u r really a great person.
    Thanks for fighting against corruption government.

  4. avisekjose22 says:

    Anna is doing a great work,he is doing all for the people,and i m sure as congres is the party of the people so obviously lokpal bill will be passed easily.
    Congress always think about the people so this bill (lokpal) will be passed very soon
    ,and ofcourse PM MR. MANMOHAN ”SINGH is kingg”

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