Google Has No Plans To Be a Mobile Phone Company

GoogleFew years ago Eric E. Schmidt, who was Google’s chief executive during 2004, announced, “We’re not going into the phone business, but we’re going to make sure Google is on those phones.”

But within one year of this proclamation, Google did just the opposite.

As Steven Levy mentioned in his book “In the Plex,” Google soon got Android, the mobile phone operating system, and started building a phone manufacturing business that it has since developed into a giant.

Even after Google developed Android in 2005, it carried on to play down plans to penetrate the phone business for quite a few years. It wasn’t before the summer of 2008 that Steven P. Jobs at Apple really observed and went to Google’s headquarters to examine one of its prototype handsets.

Google’s diversionary tactics made sense: by 2006, Mr. Schmidt, at present Google’s chairman, was an Apple board member and Google was considered to be an important partner to Apple.

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