HP Tablet Sales Weak – No Match For Apple iPad

HP’s Tablet – TouchPad, launched just recently has seen a very low sales rate, adding to the list of Tablets like Dell Streak, Blackberry Playbook to end up no where. The desperation to beat Apple iPad is a clear vision for every company and as expected, no body has ever come closer to it. According to Analyst Mark Gerber at Boston Research, The Non-iPad Tablets are not attracting sales. A few other tablets in this list includes the ASUS EEE Pad and Motorola Xoom.

However, RIM’s Blackberry Playbook is a very key component of the company and it has no plans to drop the project. In fact, the Playbook Tablet is seen as its company’s future. Here is a percentage share of Tablets from various companies. According to Strategy Analytics, Consumers prefer:

HP Touchpad Tablet Vs Apple iPad

Apple iOS iPad – 61.3%

Google Android Tablets – 30.1%

Windows Tablets – 4.6%

Blackberry Tablets – 3.3%

So what is expected in the coming months? A complete domination by iPad? Not so easy for Apple, as Google just recently made the decision to enter into mobile industry by buying Motorola Mobility. Microsoft with its Windows 8 Tablet, could be the competition in 2012. Amazon, the makers of Kindle, is all set to launch their own Tablet by the end of the year, trying to compete with the Apple iPad. Finally, Sony is not ignored as well. The coming fall would be the most interesting phase for Tech Enthusiasts, with options of buying various Gadgets from Top Companies.

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