Apple To Incorporate Japanese Earthquake Warning System In iPhone 5

iphone earthquakeApple is going to introduce an innovative feature in its Japanese version of iOS 5. This is the latest mobile OS of Apple which will help the users to become alert prior to an earthquake arrive. Such functionality has become very common many local handsets, but imported brands like Apple have been little slow to incorporate the warnings which make use of a standardized tone and go off even if the handset has been set to silent mode. With its most up-to-date OS, Apple has now included the service, as spotted by 9to5Mac.

Not that user will be getting much of a warning, as Time published an article on how the early-warning system operates. The service is based on early signs of an earthquake has already taken place. Smaller vibrations move faster than the building-toppling shocks of the quake itself, so based on the distance of the user from the epicentre, he might get 90 seconds or a few minutes’ warning.

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