Best Buy Offering iPhone 3GS Free Today

iphone-3gIf you are an iPhone lover, but couldn’t manage to get on yet, then here is a good news waiting for you. Though its not the latest version of iphone, but you can highly satisfy your craving for an iPhone device totally free  as Best Buy is giving away the iPhone 3GS. The sale will only last for today, and the customers who are signing a new two-year contract with AT&T or renewing their contract will be eligible to grab the amazing deal.

The iPhone 3GS was offered for $50 on-contract from AT&T for some time, but getting an iPhone absolutely free is pretty rare indeed. This happened as Best Buy is trying to make some room for the upcoming Apple product [we already know what that might be.]

Anyways, this is the second birthday of Apple’s 3GS and with a two-year contract, you’ll be using a handset that is made in 2009 around the same time when the iPhone 7 will be coming out.

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