Facebook Brings Improved Privacy Controls

facebook privacyFacebook users will be really happy to know that from now on they can enjoy much easier privacy control system which will enable them to customize the visibility of their information. Moreover they can have more control over the images they appear in, as the world’s leading social networking service seeks to diminish privacy concerns.

The recent modifications will allow Facebook’s 750 million users to promptly access and adjust their privacy settings every time they share information on the online network, instead of forcing them to visit through different specialized sections of the website.

When a user uploads an image to Facebook and “tags,” or labels, their contacts in the picture, the contacts will now enjoy the power to approve the tag prior the image is connected to their personal profiles. Earlier, users could only un-tag themselves from unwanted pictures after the fact.

Privacy was an unending challenge for advertising-supported Facebook, which should balance its business interests in having people share more of their information on the service with users’ sensitivities about having enough control over their personal information.

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