Samsung Bada 2.0 SDK Now Available

Bada 2.0 Korean mobile phones manufacturing company Samsung launched the SDK (Software Development Kit) of the second iteration of its mobile operating system Bada.

According to the official announcement, Bada 2.0 includes multitasking, HTML5, WiFi Direct, NFC support, voice recognition, and a new advertising engine with in-app adverts. The addition of HTML5 and improved Flash functions will provide smooth experience to users while handling with web applications including Flash.

The Bada 2.0 SDK is now available for download to Bada developers, the new additions in the platform made it lot easier and time saving for the developers to create new scalable applications with JavaScript support, push notifications, multitasking, and in-app adverts.

JK Shin – president and head of Samsung’s Mobile Communications Business, said that the new SDK is the foundation for a leading mobile platform that clearly shows his higher expectations from the kit.

Although the SDK 2.0 has a lot of promising features, but still it is not an open-source platform that might hurt its popularity in the future.

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One Response to "Samsung Bada 2.0 SDK Now Available"

  1. Manish Rai says:

    can’t understand the strategy when samsung is already up with android on its galaxy s2 why another sdk, will it be able to dive intp android and ios developers, with flex already in its way.

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