Google Plus Features Some Additional Privacy Control Settings

After the latest alterations of Facebook privacy settings now it seems that Google Plus is following the same trail as they have incorporated a new option that enables users to ignore and block other unwanted users at a time while the social media noise is building on the growing network.

A few days subsequently Facebook has added some additional granular privacy features for its huge network that comprises almost 800 million users; Google+ has incorporated two more features of private sharing: the “ignore” and “block” options.


Ignore denotes users will be able to see a limited portions of what a person is sharing. The new block option can limits the ways a person can intermingle with what a Google+ user is sharing, as Google+ software engineer Olga Wichrowska clarified in this video. Both are created to curtail some of the social media disorder on Google+. Hope this will help Google+ to sustain the social media battle in the long run.


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