iPad Meets Its Match In The New HP TouchPad

Apple’s iPad has finally met its match in the new HP TouchPad, a product which is being called an accident. HP’s TouchPad was released on August 19 for as little as $99 and the buying frenzy which followed has only been witnessed when Apple products are released. Since the past year and a half, no other tablet has been able to change the fascination people have with the iPad, but the TouchPad has shown a few that there is a brand other than Apple when it comes to Tablets.

The first batch of TouchPad’s was sold out within 12 hours and that also on a twelve hour notice before the product was launched. This is seriously contrasting to the amount of hype that is created when an Apple product is rolled out in the market. Apple was the only Tech Company which could have sold a product at $1300 which others were selling for $800 but HP has shown that steep decrease in prices can change people’s minds.

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