Samsung’s New Messenger To Compete With BBM

Samsung has developed a new messenger which will be link its Android based phones with Blackberry’s and iOS devices. This new messenger service which is called ChatOn will be competing with BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) and Apple’s upcoming iMessage service. ChatOn will be available from September and will be available in over 120 countries and in 62 languages.

The software’s cross-platform functionality will be the main advantage it will be holding over its rivals. ChatOn will be fully functional on smart phones including services like groups chat, messaging, voice and video calls, and also contact, location and calendar sharing. A video preview of the application is available which shows that ChatOn will have a social layer that will contain user profiles and also Facebook like wall posts. The application will be free to download once it is launched in September and will be rolled out in Samsung mobile phones gradually. The launch of this software will be highly anticipated as services like BBM are not free.

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