Nokia Developer Forum Shuts Down After a Hack Attack

Nokia has warned the developers stating that their developer discussion forum got hacked. This has led to the shut down of the site.

A vulnerability observed in the bulletin board software permitted an SQL Injection attack. The attack was carried out last week. It gave the hackers way in to a database table that contained email addresses of all the members of the developer forum.

The developer website team stated that, “Initially we thought that just a portion of records of these forum members had been accessed, but when looked in detail  it has been discovered that the actual number is extensively larger,”

The said database table records contain email addresses of the members & birth dates, messenger contacts of a section of members.

Nokia has stated that they are not well aware of any misuse or abuse of the data accessed.

The attackers’ mrNRG are believed to be based in India. The hackers redirected the site to a picture of Homer Simpson.




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