Windows Phone Marketplace Achieves the Feat of 30000 Applications

Windows Phone marketplace by the Microsoft’s Windows Phone has now achieved the feat of 30,000 applications as the competition gets tougher in the smartphone market.
In accordance to the recent statistics offered by the Windows Phone App List, it took 312 days for the store to achieve this feat which is almost the same time period as the Apple’s iTunes App Store & even 7 months sooner than the Android market of Google.

Analysts believe that the Marketplace has the same growth rate as that of Apple App store & is off to a better start than the Google counterparts.

Of the 30,000 applications which are on offer at the Marketplace, 47% of them are free applications, 20% of the applications offer trials & 33% of them are fully paid applications. The data also exhibited that 985 new applications were added by in the last week to achieve this milestone.


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