The Bug-Hunter Bounty Program Payment Disbursed by Facebook

In just 3 weeks time period, the bug-hunter program by Facebook has given out in excess of $40,00o.

The program was launched by the company at the start of this month, offering $500 for each vulnerability exposed – even more on the exceptional cases.

From then, Facebook authorities say that it’s tough to deal with the fake reports from the people who were just in search of publicity. But, then again there were many genuine bug reports too.

Chief security officer of Facebook Joe Sullivan states that “We are aware & in connection with a lot of security experts. But this particular bug hunting program has started a whole new dialogue with a newer & ever expanding group of people all over the world in over 16 nations starting from Turkey to Poland 16 who are obsessed with internet security.”

Sullivan further said that in spite of the user requests, it is impossible to spread the program or integrate the program in to the Facebook Platform as there are way too many 3rd party services present.

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