Google is Thinking of Tweaking Search Engine Rankings With Google +1

The uses of Google’s +1 button is turning more and more benefiting owing to its link to Google+ & thence the company is thinking of whether the +1 data should have an impact on the Page Rank(PR) in Google search ranking system.

Ryan Singel has ensured the fact that Google is thinking of whether or not to make use of +1 data with a view to tweak the search engine rankings. In accordance to a spokesperson from Google, “The whole target of any ranking parameter is to enhance on the whole search quality. Like any other search engine ranking parameters, with +1’s we’ll be starting off cautiously testing how are those signals(Google +1’s) are linked with quality to quality.”

Till now, Google is pretty watchful in how it is going to frame the use of +1 in their Google search results. So, only time can say whether or not it will be considered as a parameter in ranking sites.

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