Facebook Music Service to Threaten the Supremacy of Apple’s iTunes

iTunes Facebook F8 ThreatFrom the time Apple introduced iTunes in the year 2001, it has been the world’s biggest music store. For about a decade, Apple Music store was almost devoid of any real competition. But, recent rumors suggest that the social networking giant Facebook may be giving Apple’s ever so popular music store a tough competition with the Twist of F8.

Alongside bringing in changes to the layout of the home page for one more time, Facebook is also planning to launch a whole new music service open for Facebook users all over the world. For over months, Facebook is in discussion with their partners from music industry in an attempt to figure out ways to make Facebook the best place to discover soothing music & also share with friends.

This is a whole new attempt by Facebook to introduce new features for its users so that they are not bored with it.

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