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MMORPG games can be played on the iPad with the help of the Private Beta game streaming service enabled by Wi-Fi. Earlier, the CEO and co-founder of Gaikai.com, David Perry has shown a photo of an iPad running the popular MMORPG game, World of Warcraft. This game can be streamed by Gaikai’s streaming technology on the Wi-Fi enabled iPad tablet. This streaming games strategy is evolving as OnLive, an On-Demand game service based on Client computing has got their own plans like this.

David Perry was the one who was responsible to make everyone to be aware of PSP2 being branded as PSP go. Now his company Gaikai provides streaming services that work via browser allowing any application or game to be run.

Though the photo is being released it is not enough with just the Photo as we may need to see the working of the game on the iPad as a Video. Then only we can discuss more about it and its performance.

As said above, World of Warcraft is ready for iPad. Gaikai service may become a deal-breaker to stream many applications and famous games like Farmville over Wi-Fi. Since this service enables running many applications and games via the browser, Apple may lose lot of possible income through its iAds platform and even sale of apps for those games. The only thing is that this Gaikai service is currently in the beta phase.

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