Users Complaining Of iPhone4S Battery Issue

Of late iPhone4S users are complaining to the support department of Apple that the gadget is getting less battery life as advertised by the company. The problem is the reminder of the antennagate one which reminds us of the same thing about a year back. The phone went on to sale in the market in mid October.

As claimed by the company, the new phone is expected to beat the previous one by one hour of 3G talk time. But in reality, it can be seen that the iphone4S is falling short of 100 hours when it is being kept in the standby mode. It is becoming a great problem when the battery is suddenly showing off during the middle of any working day, even if the use is minimal.

Last year, Apple authorities neglected the problem for 3 weeks after which they held a press conference only to prove that not only Apple, but other phones are also having the same problem.

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