The Inside Story Of How Microsoft Got Its Courier Tablet killed

Microsoft Courier Tablet killed Steve Ballmer was in a dilemma. He had two different groups at Microsoft seeking competitive visions for the tablet computers.

One group, driven by Xbox godfather known as J Allard, was insisting on a sleek. Two-screen tablets aremainly known as Courier that can be controlled by the users through proper utilization oftheir fingers or a pen. But there is a problem with the appliance. It useda modified version of Windows.

That ran headlong having vision into the tablet computer was introduced by Steven Sinofsky, the head of Windows division of Microsoft. Sinofsky worried about any product-that especially the potential threat to Microsoft’s operating system. But Sinofsky’s tablet-friendly windows version was more than a couple of years away.

For Ballmer, it was not an easy call at all. Both Allard and Sinofsky were holding posts of key executives at Microsoft Corporation. Both of themwere recognized as the next-gen brain reservoir.

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