Microsoft Announces Concern About Duqu Virus

Microsoft Corp authorities said that the hackers have exploited an unknown bug which they used to know earlier in the Windows operating system and the new virus named Duqu may be the next possible cyber threat in the coming years.

News of the new Duqu virus was out in October when security software manufacturer Symantec Corp announced that they had found a dangerous computer virus which contains the code similar to Stuxnet. Incidentally, this particular virus seemed to have created havoc in the nuclear program of Iran. Private investigators and different government agencies across various nations are trying their level best to unlock the secret of Duqu.

It is expected that the virus was developed by some sophisticated hackers and their main motive was to prepare the groundwork for attacks on important infrastructure like power plants, oil refineries and pipelines. It was on Tuesday that Microsoft disclosed their link to the infection. The virus was sent to the victims by emails containing the MS Word documents attached.

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