Angry Bird Surpasses The Feat Of 500 Million Downloads

Angry Bird 500 million DownloadsThe game Angry Bird is one of the most popular games among the gamers lately. And now it achieves another feather to its crown that it has become the most downloaded game in the history of game. It has crossed 500 million downloads and thus it became the king of all downloaded games.

Rovio is the maker of the game and they are very much delighted to their games achievement.  Players are downloading and playing this game every minute. They have said that average 300 million minutes are played by the users each day. That is they have played 200000years of angry birds in total and 266 billion of angry birds levels are played and 400 billion of angry birds are launched to collect 44billion of stars.

The angry bird game is found in almost all the smart phones in the market. Even the Google chrome users can play the game in their PCs. The achievement of the game sets a great landmark for the game as well as for the producers of the game.

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