iPhone 4S Faces Serious Battery Issues

Apple iPhone 4S Battery IssueApple has emerged as a whole new company after the launch of their iProducts. Of them, iPhone is certainly the most popular one.  All the iPhones attained sheer popularity and loved by all the users. But now there seems a problem with their last iPhone 4S and they need to offered solutions first.

The problem with the iPhone 4S is its battery life. It is a major problem reported by many users of iPhone 4S. The company needs to look over this problem very soon and make a solution.

The device is not supporting the battery life as long as Apple claims and the problem is also there with the users of iPhone 4 who upgraded to iOS 5. They are also having the problem with their devices battery life after the upgrade.  The analyst thinks that the problem may be a bug in the software not the hardware of the device.

Apple needs update their software to fix the problems.

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