Trailer Of Grand Theft Auto V Revealed By Rockstar

Rockstar Grand Theft Auto VRockstar revealed the fifth series of their much anticipated game that is Grand Theft Auto V. It is a sequel of their game Grand Theft Auto IV.

The trailer of the game was on the site just sometimes before. It shows some masked man with heavy machineguns. Car chase, prostitutes and a car exploding is also featured in the trailer. The rumours about the new sequel of the game were covered by Rockstar on their own website. The main character of the game is a guy who is a retired criminal and now wants to be a good man and raise his family. The violence continues from the previous version of the game and it is expected that this one will be fuller of violence. The game is based on the entertainment city of America that is Los Angeles.

It is expected that this series will cross the success of the last one released by the Rockstar.

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