SMBs Are Offered Free Websites From Google

SMBs Free Websites From Google Google has opened free websites for small and medium businesses of India. There were some restrictions on Google for opening a website for small and medium businesses. But now through ‘India Get Your Business online,’ it has become easy for them. From now they will be able to open websites of their own and not only they get the website free but also gets personalised domain and hosting.

There was a lack of local Indian businesses online. This was due to the restrictions of the Google.  From now they can log on towww.indiagetonline.in and use the tools to open the free websites of their own. Through this near about 80-lakh of SMBs of India gets chances to go online with their business.

Google partnered with website hosting company HostGator. Federation of Micro and ICICI bank and Small and Medium Enterprises also participated with Google to take this initiative to promote the local businesses of India.     

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