Amazon Launching Library For The Kindle Owners

Amazon Launches Library For Kindle OwnersTo compete with e-reader and tablet, Amazon.com Inc. is about to launch a digital library for lending books that is going to be available to the owners of its exclusive feature Kindle and Kindle Fire devices.

The program will be kept limitedmost probably at the beginning, in what it will be available to borrow. Initially Amazon will offer a little more than 5,000 titles in the program, including more than hundred current and former bestsellers, such as “The seven Habits of Highly Effective People.”- Stephen R. Covey.

The 6 largest U.Spublishers arenot being friendly enough to participate. Several senior executives of those publications recently said that they were concerned about the digital-book lending program of Amazon. But theyworried that such aprogram may harm potential future sales of the older titles.

However, Amazon will apply proper restrictions to the borrowers in order to minimize the drawbacks of the program.

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