Apple Founder Steve Job’s Biography Becomes Best Seller In No Time

Apple Founder Steve Job’s Biography Best Seller 2011Within a few days, the authorized Steve Jobs’ biography has become the best-seller on the book market and is already approaching the list of top books of 2011.

Not necessarily that everyone is needed to be told about these, but now we possess numbers in our hand to prove it.

In its 1st week, the biography, by Walter Isaacson, was sold almost quarter million copies as reported by the Bookscan US. That is what made the Biography of Steve Jobs best-selling book of that week. The healthy sales numbers are certainly not surprising. There was already huge interest of the people in general when the announcement about the book was made. Being a notoriously hermit person, Steve rarely offered anyone a look into his personal life. However, when approached by Isaacson, Jobs realized that might the last chance to have his story told as he wanted it to be told

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