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Here comes another Text translation app from Google called Google Goggles. The app supports Android based Smartphone to start with Nexus One. This application is really help full for the travelers, for whom the biggest hurdle is the language difference, as the major issue is with reading the written content.

Goggle is designed to overcome this issue , now users with just a click a photo of the text; Goggle will instantly translate it to English and to many other language as well.The app works on computer vision technology which looks for the text in the picture taken and translates it instantly.

Goggles V1.1 have good barcode recognition, artwork, logo detection, and also an image search to search for the photos in the phones gallery. Some of the major languages supported are English, French, Italian, Spanish. The engineers of Goggle are lookinf forward to extend their recognition capabilities to Latin based languages and to other non latin based languages like Chinese, Hindi and Arabic.

Google Goggles v1.1 is available for Smartphone with Android 1.6 or higher.

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