HP TouchPad With MeeGo 1.3 Community Edition : Video Leaked

MeeGo-HP-TouchPadWhile majority of the buyers could not managed  a brand new HP TouchPad again, those lucky few of buyers who actually caught one up for $99 will be happy to know that even if webOS doesn’t obtained any official updates in the future, the tablet will be in safe hands. A port of Android for the tablet is already under development, and now it seems that it will be capable to run MeeGo too.

The individuals over at MeeGo Experts lately posted a video online that shows the HP TouchPad booting up into what looks like MeeGo 1.3 Community Edition. While it does look convincing, there are a few points to ponder – the video is not very lengthy, it basically demonstrates the tablet starting up and the MeeGo 1.3 CE logo showed up on screen, and the video ends after that

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