Call of Duty Elite Might Be Delayed On PC

Call of Duty Elite Delay on PCPC players seekingCall of Duty-MW 3 should know that it’s social and stats hub Elite isn’t going to be available personal computer version for a while; Activision is declaring the open and free nature of the PC bringingthe security issuesin.

“Without a mainstream and authentic resource for stats, many of our competition features get unfair,” said by the head Beachhead Studio,Chacko Sonny. “We can’t compromise with the prizes when people comfortably cheat the stats. Leaderboards will offer less fun when large number of the users is accessing it unfairly.”

As such, “a large number of works” has to do, so don’t keep hanging out.

“We’re struggling heart and soul to make the thing happen,” he explains, “even though we won’t release the game until we become surethat the PC gamers can enjoy the game as it was supposed to be.”

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